The purpose of this site is not essential creation of a non-exhaustive list of the various reasons of extemination

of the shark, however taking into account weak interèt that it causes, it seems  significant to speak about it.

Appearance of the first proto-sharks, with their descendants which currently populate all the seas of the sphere:

450 Million years.

Commercial overexploitation of the shark, with their progressive disappearance of the oceans of the sphere: 100 years?

The premiere causes mortality is primarily due to an intensive industrial fishing without much understanding

of the caught species.

The shark is fishing for its flesh, its skin, its teeth, its jaw and the oil of its liver.

The sporting fishing to a lesser extent is also harmful.

The market of the fins of sharks is also an important cause of their destruction. Coldly cut out fins,

the shark still alive and at once rejected with water dedicated with a death by asphyxiation.

The nets anti-sharks destroy each years a significant number of species.

More than 60 million sharks each years are killed.

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